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  • Faith

    Faith is a lesson that teach DCS Kids to get to know God better. They learn the characters in the Bible and apply them in their daily lives. They perform role play using their creativity and tools that they make by themselves in front of the class. One of the examples is fishing at the lake just like the story taken from Luke 5 : 1-10

  • Field Trip

    Field Trip is an activity outside school that allows students to get to know more about their neighborhood. They learn to create new products by themselves. They learn to cook, make "Jamu", make jelly, make pizza, and many more. It helps student to build their confidence in enterpreneurship

  • Kid Service

    Kid Service is a time for kids when we gather together in a church to serve God, praise and worship, listen to God's word and play games together. Teachers and students always involved in this event. In Kid Service they increase their Faith by listen to God's word and applicate in our life, so they can be mold and educate to be like Christ.

  • Event & Activities

    DCS's events are to enhance student's creative minds. DCS has annual, monthly and even weekly events. Everyone have fun and enjoy the activities such as Valentine Day, DCS Birthday, Thanksgiving Day, and other fabulous events.